Start The Year New
with more Mobility and Easy
How the 3 different pain personality types
become your game-changer

7- day Mind and Joint

Mobility Challenge

Can you devote 7 days less than 10 min each day? Can you afford not to?

Understand YOUR own unique body in the privacy of your own home, safely, with Pain and Yoga specialist Simone Moir.


Discover your Pain Personality
What strategy works best for you?

Ayurveda and modern pain therapy define 3 main distinctions why people end up having joint pain. (this does not cover severe neurological conditions or muscle waste due to undelaying issues).

There is actually a 4th
often misunderstood and mainstream stretching
would be actually harmful for you.

Knowing which one YOU are will not just help you understand and manage the discomfort you have, but also with foresight prevent joint pain all together and help you navigate exercise as a whole

Wonder why the advice you have been following is not working?Maybe your body procrastinates do to uncertainty?

These new insights help you discover:
Find out how your Type affects your progress
* How you can jinx the best stretches with your natural default approach.

 * Why some approaches simply not work due to your type.
 * Why initially getting frustrated with exercise can be actually the secret to lasting cellular change.
 * Why not always 'more is better'.
How less DONE better really might be the key for you.
 * How truly understanding what you do supercharges your progress as you can visualise change happening, building new neuro-pathways.
 * Knowing how a good stretch should feel lowers your resistance to doing it. 
Learn about the best kept secret about procrastination and how to dodge it.

Knowing what's good for you and not doing it is as good as not knowing
it at all.
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Who is it for? 

Experience Pain or Discomfort:
Those dealing with joint pain, discomfort, or seeking effective pain management strategies.
Seek Exercise Optimization:
Individuals looking to enhance their exercise routines, optimize their approach to fitness, and prevent exercise-related discomfort.
Desire Preventative Health Measures:
Individuals interested in preventing joint pain and maintaining overall joint health through foresight and understanding their body's responses.
Struggle with Exercise Consistency:
Those who face challenges in maintaining a consistent exercise routine due to frustration or lack of understanding about what works best for them.

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